Arrest made After Luxury Villas Robbed  On Spain's Costa del Sol

Arrest made After Luxury Villas Robbed On Spain's Costa del Sol

Arrest Made and Investigation Underway in Series of Luxury Home Burglaries in Mijas and Marbella

In a significant breakthrough, Guardia Civil officers have arrested a man and are investigating a woman in connection with a series of 25 burglaries targeting luxury homes in Mijas and Marbella.

The investigation began after a surge in thefts from high-end properties along the Costa del Sol. Authorities reported that 19 of these burglaries occurred in Mijas and six in Marbella.

The suspects allegedly conducted thorough surveillance of the homes, focusing on properties used as second residences. They reportedly waited for the owners to be away before breaking in and stealing valuable items such as jewellery and money.

Following extensive investigations, officers identified the primary suspect and conducted a search of a house in Mijas. During the search, they discovered various items of jewellery linked to different burglaries and seized 14,695 euros in cash.

Additionally, police confiscated tools, clothing, and a motorbike believed to have been used in the commission of these crimes.

The Guardia Civil continues to investigate the extent of the suspects' involvement and is working to return the stolen items to their rightful owners. The arrests mark a significant step in curbing the wave of burglaries that have plagued the luxury home sector in these areas.

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