Bristol Boozer Looses The Plot Charging 50p More For Bar Orders

Bristol Boozer Looses The Plot Charging 50p More For Bar Orders



The proprietor of a Bristol pub has justified the practice of charging up to 50p extra for drinks purchased at the bar compared to those ordered through a smartphone app. This policy was introduced by the management of The Coronation in Southville in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, during which many bars and restaurants adopted in-app ordering and table service.

Pub owner Ben Cheshire expressed disappointment that most establishments have reverted to traditional bar ordering, emphasizing his support for European-style service. While acknowledging the popularity of lower prices offered through app orders, Ben noted that 90 percent of pub patrons still opt to order directly at the bar, despite being informed of the additional charge.

The price disparity varies across beverages, with some items costing as much as 50p more when ordered at the bar instead of through the app. Ben attributed a shift in clientele demographics to the pandemic, observing that the pub's older customer base vanished "overnight" due to the implementation of social distancing measures, resulting in a younger crowd frequenting the establishment.

Ben is noted as saying “I lost all my older crowd completely overnight when everything had to go to ‘table service only’ during Covid. I haven’t seen them since. For years I had an older crowd in here, looked after them, had private events for them and things like that, so that’s not the angle I’m trying to go for here.

“This is more helpful for our staff, that’s why I’m offering it. I’ve found that not having to be constantly serving people is way better for my mental health. Bar work can be really mentally tiring. This takes the stress away rather than having to constantly interact with different people for eight hours straight.”

Defending the measure, the pub owner added that paying from a mobile phone is "perfect" for patrons attending theme-nights and pub-events which might keep customers at their tables.

Although former regulars disagree, Steven Williams who now drinks down the road told Global247news ' He's lost the plot, he calls it a discount if you order on his app but it's not it's a higher price, I know loads who are avoiding the pub now for a pint or two, the landlord is nuts if he thinks this is the way forward!' 

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