Cardiff's University Hospital Of Wales In Shocking State

Cardiff's University Hospital Of Wales In Shocking State



The University Hospital Of Wales, situated in Cardiff, has been discovered in a distressing condition, with shattered windows covered by plywood on wards, deteriorating decor requiring urgent repair, and windows left uncleaned for months.

After receiving a tip-off from a concerned daughter who recently admitted her elderly father at risk of a heart attack and stroke, Global247news conducted an undercover investigation into the hospital.

The daughter, who wishes to remain anonymous due to concerns of retaliation from the hospital while her father continues his stay, recounted her struggle to obtain an ambulance after her father fell ill. Despite calling 999, they were unable to secure an ambulance and were compelled to transport their father to the hospital themselves, despite his urgent need for treatment.

Upon arrival, they were directed to an area known as A1 Link, where patients undergo assessments, which was overcrowded with seriously ill patients. This area serves as a temporary holding space, diverting patients away from Accident & Emergency.

During the investigation, Global247news undercover reporter freely traversed through the holding area and found it teeming with patients suffering from various conditions. Patients and their relatives revealed to our reporter that they had been waiting for over 24 hours for a ward bed, despite their critical condition.

En route to the wards, our undercover reporter observed windows caked with dirt, clearly not cleaned for at least six months. Upon entering a ward, they witnessed shattered windows covered with simple plywood sheets, while the floors appeared neglected and uncleaned.

Speaking to a patient on the ward with the broken window, he expressed his dismay at the conditions, suggesting that Aneurin Bevan, the architect of the NHS, would be appalled. He lamented the lack of funding for the hospital, juxtaposing it with the government's expenditure on non-essential items such as speed limit signs.

While praising the dedication of the staff, he criticized the Welsh Government for neglecting the hospital's maintenance, deeming the conditions deplorable and unfit for patients, especially those in their final moments of life. He concluded by expressing hope that he would not meet his end in such dismal surroundings.




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