Complaints Filed To ' Show Racism The Red Card' Regarding Yeovil Town Football Club & Sponsors

Complaints Filed To ' Show Racism The Red Card' Regarding Yeovil Town Football Club & Sponsors

Outcry Over Yeovil Chairman's Racism Ignites Call for Investigation by Leading Anti-Racism Organization

In a startling development, outrage has erupted among the community and supporters of Yeovil Town Football Club following revelations of racist comments attributed to the club's chairman, Martin Hellier. The comments, which surfaced recently on social media, have sparked widespread condemnation and calls for accountability within the club.

Yeovil Town FC, a cornerstone of Somerset's sporting identity, found itself embroiled in controversy when screenshots of text messages allegedly sent by Chairman Martin Hellier circulated online. In these messages, Hellier reportedly used derogatory and racially offensive language towards a Ukrainian refugee, labelling her a 'Slavic Whore' and making threats against her life.

The shocking nature of these revelations has not only shaken the local community but has also ignited a strong response from supporters and concerned individuals nationwide. Many have expressed deep disappointment and anger, calling for immediate action from the club's leadership.

What has compounded the public's dismay is the apparent silence or lack of action from the club's sponsors in response to the controversy. Major brands such as Bradford Building Supplies, Thatchers Cider and Vertu Motors, which have significant partnerships with Yeovil Town FC, have yet to publicly address the issue or sever ties with the club in light of the allegations against Hellier. In fact Bradford Building Supplies & Thatchers Cider appear to be in support, despite the racist comments.


In response to the growing outcry and concerns over the club's handling of the matter, calls have been made to independent bodies for intervention. Notably, the anti-racism organization Show Racism the Red Card (SRtRC) has been urged to investigate the situation and ensure that appropriate measures are taken to address any systemic issues within the club.

SRtRC, renowned for its advocacy against racism in sports and society, has been contacted by concerned parties in large numbers to intervene and investigate the allegations against Hellier.

The organisation's involvement is seen as crucial in holding individuals and organisations accountable for racial discrimination and fostering an inclusive environment within football.

As the situation unfolds, pressure mounts on Yeovil Town FC to address the controversy transparently and take decisive action against any form of racial discrimination. 

The anti racist foundation states on it's website how it was formed to tackle racism:

It reads:In the 1990’s, Newcastle United’s ‘Entertainers’ were challenging for the Premier League title. It was with this backdrop, that Shaka was at a petrol station near St. James’ Park one day filling up his car with petrol when he was confronted by a group of young people shouting racist abuse at him. After they got closer and one of the group realised that they had been shouting at Shaka Hislop, the Newcastle United Goalkeeper. Their attitude suddenly went from abuse to admiration and instead they began asking for an autograph.

It was from this experience that Shaka realised he could harness his influence as a professional player to make a difference. Coupled with the power of ‘the beautiful game’ and his status as a role model, Shaka thought education could be an effective strategy in challenging racism in society.

At the charity’s first ever event, Shaka and fellow teammate John Beresford visited Gosforth High School in the North East of England to speak to pupils about their experiences in football and society; the rest is history!

To this day SRtRC continues to utilise the high-profile status of football and football players to help tackle racism in society and has also expanded into other sports and involved other personalities. The majority of the campaign’s work involves the delivery of educational workshops to young people and adults in schools, workplaces and at events held in football stadiums. Across the UK, SRtRC provides educational sessions to more than 50,000 individuals per year, along with hosting the UK’s largest equalities themed School Competition. In 2023, SRtRC has surpassed the landmark milestone of engaging 1 million people in these programmes.

Now it appears that Show Racism The Red Card  are to look into racism at the non league football club Yeovil Town and it's sponsors as the complaints flood in regards the Chairman's racist comments. 


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