Constant Air Raids Disrupt Youth Football In Ukraine

Constant Air Raids Disrupt Youth Football In Ukraine

Ukrainian Kids Unable to Finish Football Matches Due to Air Raids

As the war with Russia continues, children in Ukraine are facing disruptions in their daily lives, including their beloved pastime of playing football. Air raids from Russian planes and missiles frequently interrupt matches, forcing young players to seek shelter and abandon the game they love.

Football, often referred to as the universal language and a symbol of global unity, is under constant threat in Ukraine. Reporters from Global247news stationed in Sumy, just 20 miles from the Russian border, witness daily disruptions to local football matches due to air raid sirens.


Mike Haines, one of the three Global247news reporters currently in Ukraine, reports on the situation: "It's so sad to see how the children are affected. They have become mentally strong, living under the constant fear of attack, especially during the night. But when they can't even finish a children's league match, you can see the sadness at the local football clubs. Football should be a tonic for these young children aspiring to be players, but sometimes just five minutes into a game, coaches have to take their players off the field as the sirens start to wail. Now, it's rare for a game not to be disrupted."

Haines further describes the scene: "On occasions, the players have to shelter for another 30 minutes just after kicking off, but they always return to the pitch in an attempt to finish the matches."

This constant interruption is severely hindering the development of Ukraine's future footballers, which will likely impact the national team in the coming years. Moreover, the absence of fathers at these matches, as they are all engaged in defending the country, adds to the emotional toll.

"In normal circumstances, away from war, in most countries worldwide, the father-son bond is often formed around the art of a football match. The current young players here don't have that bond they deserve, like any other footballing child in Europe," Haines reveals.

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine continues to disrupt the lives of its citizens, and the impact on children's sports and development is a poignant reminder of the war's far-reaching consequences.

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