Costa Del Sol Beaches Prepare For Spain Summer

Costa Del Sol Beaches Prepare For Spain Summer

San Pedro Alcantara Enhances Beaches with 6,400 Tonnes of Sand for Summer Season

San Pedro Alcantara Town Council is undertaking an extensive project to replenish its beaches with over 6,400 tonnes of sand in anticipation of the summer season.

Deputy Mayor Javier García, alongside Councillor Diego López, inspected the ongoing work and emphasized the importance of preparing the coastline for the arrival of warmer weather and an influx of residents and tourists. García noted that to minimize disruption, the work is being conducted at night.

"Six lorries, each with a capacity of 22 cubic meters, are being utilized for this project," García explained. López added, "We are making around 30 trips per day, transporting approximately 660 cubic meters of sand daily. This amounts to almost 925 tonnes each day, resulting in a weekly total that surpasses 6,400 tonnes."

The initiative aims to ensure that the beaches of San Pedro Alcantara are in prime condition for the busy summer months ahead.

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