Costa Del Sol Double Stabbing Resolved In Spain

Costa Del Sol Double Stabbing Resolved In Spain

The National Police have resolved a double stabbing incident that occurred in an alley in Torremolinos in mid-April. The investigation led to the arrest of five individuals connected to the attack, which left the victims, aged 19 and 26, hospitalized with injuries to their torsos, buttocks, and legs.

According to police sources, the stabbing resulted from a confrontation between two groups following a social event. The judge has ordered the main suspects, two brothers, to be imprisoned; they were discovered hiding in an apartment in La Palmilla.

The incident took place in Plaza de la Unión Europea in Torremolinos and prompted Operation Mulligan, conducted by the specialized and violent crime unit (UDEV) of the Torremolinos-Benalmádena National Police station. During the altercation, one victim sustained a 15-centimeter wound to his side and was urgently transported to the hospital.

While the precise cause of the brawl remains unclear, police suggest that it stemmed from a clash between the groups, with insults escalating into violence. Investigators report that the attackers assaulted the victims with sticks and a nitrous oxide canister before stabbing them with a sharp object.

The investigation enabled officers to identify five individuals allegedly involved in the attack, all of whom have been arrested. Using physiognomic recognition techniques, forensic police identified the perpetrators—two brothers aged 21 and 29, found hiding in a flat in La Palmilla, Malaga. One of the brothers had multiple outstanding warrants against him. The police also recovered the clothes and the knife used in the attack from the property. The main suspects have been charged with attempted homicide and aggravated assault with a bladed weapon and have been imprisoned. Three others were arrested for their alleged involvement in the violent confrontation.

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