Elton Glover Gets 12 Year Jail Sentence In Gibraltar

Elton Glover Gets 12 Year Jail Sentence In Gibraltar

Gibraltar Man Sentenced to Over 12 Years for Rape and False Imprisonment

Elton Glover, a 47-year-old resident of Prince Edward's Road in Gibraltar, has been sentenced to 12 years and six months in prison for raping a woman. The sentence was handed down last Friday at the Gibraltar Supreme Court.

Glover was convicted by majority verdicts in a trial last April, where he was found guilty of raping a woman on two separate occasions in September and October 2019. In addition to the rape charges, Glover was also found guilty of false imprisonment. He had locked the woman in a flat for three days and confiscated her mobile phone, further aggravating his offenses.

The court's decision reflects the severity of Glover's crimes and underscores the commitment to delivering justice for the victim.

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