Fake Gas Inspector Gang Nicked On Spain's Costa del Sol

Fake Gas Inspector Gang Nicked On Spain's Costa del Sol

Prevalent Scam: Fake Gas and Electrical Inspectors Arrested for Theft in Spain

The scam of fake gas and electrical installation inspectors in Spain is more rampant than ever. Not only do they charge for services they do not perform, but they also take advantage of the time spent in people's homes to steal from them.

Recently, National Police officers arrested four men, aged between 36 and 49, who were members of an itinerant group, for their alleged involvement in multiple thefts, burglaries, and the handling of stolen goods in Malaga province. Their victims were primarily vulnerable elderly individuals.

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The gang’s modus operandi involved posing as inspectors for energy supply companies. They operated in pairs: one would distract the victim by pretending to inspect the installation, while the other would sneak into the property to steal jewellery and money.

The police investigation began after a 70-year-old woman reported a burglary at her home, discovering that cash and jewelry worth more than 7,000 euros were missing. Officers from the Investigation Group of the Malaga West District Police Headquarters took up the case and soon found three similar incidents reported in Malaga province, all involving elderly victims.

Based on the victims’ descriptions, investigators identified four suspects with profiles matching those described. These men, all residents of Malaga province, had prior convictions for thefts using an identical modus operandi. Further investigation revealed their involvement in 11 similar incidents across Spain, highlighting the itinerant nature of their crimes.

Under the pretext of checking the electricity supply, the gang would enter homes and steal valuables. After extensive inquiries and surveillance, police caught the gang in action at a house where they stole jewelry and money from a man. The officers quickly apprehended them as they attempted to flee, finding the stolen goods—1,000 euros in cash and five collector’s watches—hidden under the vehicle’s gear lever, and arrested two of the suspects.

Subsequently, two other men were arrested for the same offences. Three of the suspects were charged with theft and breaking and entering, while the fourth was charged with receiving stolen goods, melting down the illicitly obtained pieces, and selling them on the legal market.

The detainees were handed over to the magistrate's court in Malaga.

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