Farage Erupts In Fury As Putin Appears On Screen

Farage Erupts In Fury As Putin Appears On Screen

Nigel Farage Erupts in Fury as Led By Donkeys Prank Disrupts Reform UK Event

Nigel Farage, leader of Reform UK, was left fuming after campaign group Led By Donkeys disrupted a party event with a prank mocking his past comments about Vladimir Putin.

The incident occurred while Farage was addressing supporters at the Columbine Centre in Walton-on-the-Naze, Essex. As he spoke, a screen descended from the ceiling displaying a picture of the Russian president with his thumb up and the message, "I ❤️ Nigel."

Initially unaware of the prank, Farage was caught on video looking up at the image and asking, “Who put that up there?”

He then added, “Someone at the Columbine Centre needs to get the sack, aren’t we agreed? We will hound them to make sure that is the case.”

The crowd responded by chanting “rip it down,” but footage showed two Reform supporters struggling to remove the banner.

This prank followed backlash against Farage for his controversial claim that the West had “provoked” Putin into invading Ukraine in 2022. Farage has also previously expressed admiration for Putin as a world leader.

The stunt by Led By Donkeys added fuel to the ongoing controversy surrounding Farage's comments and positions on international affairs.

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