Father watches from behind as boy racer wipes out his family

Father watches from behind as boy racer wipes out his family

Tragedy on A632: Husband Watches in Horror as Dangerous Driver Kills Wife and Son

In a heart-wrenching scene on the A632 Chesterfield Road near Kelstedge, Derbyshire, a man watched helplessly as a dangerous driver took the lives of his wife and son in a devastating head-on collision.

Angela Boyack, 59, and her 22-year-old son Stephen were driving home when Joshua Hill, 27, attempted a reckless overtaking maneuver in his BMW X3. Battling the rain, Hill lost control and slammed into Angela’s Hyundai i20, killing her instantly.

Stephen, who was behind the wheel, suffered catastrophic injuries. He was rushed to the hospital but tragically succumbed to his wounds shortly after arrival.

The horror unfolded in front of Angela's husband, William, and their elder son, who were driving behind them and witnessed the fatal crash.

Joshua Hill, the man responsible for the unimaginable grief, pleaded guilty to causing death by dangerous driving, causing death by driving while unlicensed or uninsured, and failing to stop or report the accident. He attempted to hide from the police after the collision, adding to the anguish of the Boyack family.

Hill was sentenced to 13 years in prison at Derby Crown Court on June 7, 2024, but no sentence can ever undo the devastation he caused.

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