Yeovil Residents Vote Overwhelmingly to Ban Local Green Party from Popular Facebook Group

Yeovil, UK — In a decisive vote, residents of Yeovil have voted 81% to 19% to ban the local Green Party from the town's most popular Facebook group, Yeovil Real News & Share Your Views. The decision comes after accusations of false claims, bullying, and aggressive behavior by Green Party members, particularly aimed at defending the under-fire local election candidate Serena Wooton.

Serena Wooton has faced severe criticism for branding local disabled children as a burden in her promotional leaflets. While Wooton remained silent amidst the backlash, her right-hand man, Tim Eggins, took an aggressive stance, making wild and unfounded claims. His behavior escalated tensions within the group, which boasts around 13,000 members out of Yeovil’s total population of approximately 45,000.

Eggins, who has a history of aggressive conduct, including a previous charge by Chard Town Council, reportedly began attacking group members aggressively and rallying other Green Party supporters to join in. These supporters, many of whom were new to the group, further exacerbated the situation by challenging long-standing members.

James Yeo, the moderator of Yeovil Real News & Share Your Views, shared insights with Global247news on the decision-making process. "Data shows that many non-members joined the group specifically to challenge existing members. It was their first visit, and evidence indicates they were associated with Wooton and Eggins. This led us to believe they were attempting to manipulate the group dynamics."

Yeo explained the process that led to the ban. "We decided to put it to a vote, allowing members to determine whether the Green Party should be allowed to remain. The vote showed an 81% majority in favor of the ban. Interestingly, among the 19% who voted against the ban were some new members from not only the local area but as far as Johannesburg, suggesting an attempt to rig the vote."

The Facebook group, known for sharing news articles from various media outlets, has been a hub for community discussion and information exchange. One such article that fueled the controversy involved residents' reactions to Wooton's remarks about disabled children.

Yeo concluded, "The overwhelming vote reflects the group's unanimous decision to maintain a respectful and supportive community. The aggressive and disruptive behavior by some Green Party members was not in line with our values."

The ban on the local Green Party from Yeovil Real News & Share Your Views underscores the community's commitment to fostering a positive and respectful environment, especially during a contentious election period.

Tim Eggins' Aggressive Behavior Derails Serena Wooton's Election Campaign

 The election campaign of Serena Wooton, the Green Party candidate in Yeovil, has been thrown into turmoil due to the aggressive behavior of her right-hand man, Tim Eggins. Eggins' actions have not only pushed away potential voters but also cast serious doubt on Wooton's judgment and leadership capabilities.

Eggins, known for his confrontational tactics, recently made headlines for his aggressive social media presence and unfounded accusations. His behavior has exacerbated an already tense situation following Wooton's controversial remarks about disabled children, which she described as a financial burden in her promotional leaflets. The fallout from these comments was severe, sparking outrage among local residents.

Eggins' subsequent actions on social media further inflamed the situation.

Previously he had attacked Steve Callis, a well-known local podcaster, for interviewing Wooton's political rival, Adam Dance of the Liberal Democrats. Eggins' aggressive and baseless claims against Callis were widely condemned and seen as indicative of a broader pattern of bullying and intimidation.

Residents have expressed their dismay at Wooton's choice to align herself with Eggins. "Having Eggins by her side was a huge mistake," said  along-time Yeovil resident . "His track record of aggression and bullying should have been a red flag. If she can't make better decisions about who she associates with, how can we trust her to make good decisions as an MP?"


 A political analyst Robert, commented, "Eggins' behavior has not only derailed Wooton's campaign but has also severely damaged the Green Party's reputation in Yeovil. His actions have alienated many potential voters who might have otherwise supported Wooton’s environmental agenda."

As the election approaches, Wooton's association with Eggins continues to cast a long shadow over her campaign. Voters are questioning her judgment and leadership, wondering what other poor decisions she might make if elected to Parliament. "If she can't control her own campaign team, how is she going to handle the pressures and responsibilities of being an MP?" asked concerned voter John Everett.

The situation serves as a stark reminder of the importance of integrity and responsible behavior in politics. As Wooton and Eggins face the consequences of their actions, the residents of Yeovil are left to ponder the impact of these events on their community and their representation in government.


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