Massive Search Underway In Spain's Tenerife For Missing Brit

Massive Search Underway In Spain's Tenerife For Missing Brit

Massive Search Underway for Missing British Teen Jay Slater in Tenerife

A "massive search" operation for 19-year-old Jay Slater is intensifying in Tenerife, with efforts focused on revisiting areas that rescue teams have already explored.

The Civil Guard is ramping up the search for Slater, who has been missing since June 17. Authorities have appealed for volunteers experienced in navigating tough terrain to join the search.

Search operations commenced at 9 a.m. on Saturday in the village of Masca, near Slater's last-known location. Spanish police are hopeful that a larger team will enable a more thorough examination of previously covered areas.

 Juan Lopez for Global247news, reporting from Tenerife, observed between 30 and 40 officers and volunteers gathering for the search. The search area encompasses a vast expanse of rugged hills and steep drops.

Slater was last seen at the New Rave Generation music festival. His last known location was the Rural de Teno Park in the north, approximately an 11-hour walk from his accommodation.

There has been speculation regarding two British men who accompanied Slater towards Masca after the festival. However, police have clarified  that these individuals are "not relevant" to the investigation.

Among the volunteers is Juan Garcia, an experienced hiker who, along with his sniffer dog, is prepared to navigate the challenging terrain. "If something happened to one of my sons, I would want people to help me solve the case," Garcia said before setting off.

"The terrain is extremely difficult, with many bushes. Walking even a few kilometers can be very time-consuming and challenging," Garcia added.

Slater, from Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire, vanished while attempting to walk back to his accommodation after missing a bus on Monday of the previous week. He was last seen at Papayago, the nightclub hosting the end of the NRG festival, late on June 16.

Following the event, Slater traveled with two men to a small Airbnb in Masca. A local cafe owner, Ofelia Medina Hernandez, recounted  her interaction with him. She saw Slater at 8 a.m. on June 17, inquiring about the bus schedule. "He asked twice what time the bus came," Hernandez said. "Later, I saw him walking quickly in the wrong direction, but I didn't see him again after that."

The mystery deepened after one of Slater's friends, Brad Hargreaves, told ITV's This Morning about their last video call. Hargreaves noted that during the call at around 8:30 a.m., he saw Slater's feet slide on rocks, indicating that Slater was not on a road at the time.

Authorities continue to search diligently, hoping to find any leads that could bring Jay Slater home safely.

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