Yeovil Town Chairman Martin Hellier's Private Prosecution Attempt Fails Amid Police Bail Controversy

Martin Hellier, the current chairman of Yeovil Town Football Club, who is currently on police bail for allegedly threatening to kill a man, along with two Ukrainian refugee children and their mother, has failed in his attempt to pursue a private prosecution. Hellier had branded the mother a "Slavic whore" in a series of threatening messages.

Hellier attempted to initiate a private prosecution at Yeovil Magistrates' Court ahead of ongoing police proceedings against him by Avon and Somerset Police. Despite his efforts, which reportedly included enlisting the help of associates, one of whom is a known prolific shoplifter, to promote the court listing, the case will not proceed as planned.

According to international businessman Steve Day, Hellier and his advisory failed to deliver a summons for the court appearance. Day, who has been involved in a contentious dispute with Hellier, contacted the court and was informed that the case would not be listed as initially scheduled.

The feud between Hellier and Day reportedly began when Hellier, allegedly under the influence of cocaine and alcohol, began sending aggressive messages to Day. Day had previously been a supporter and friend of Hellier, even assisting him during his time as a barman at The Arrow pub and then going on to purchase many year later the nearly bankrupt football club.

Day shared his perspective with Global247news, stating that the court confirmed the non-listing of the case for the following day. "It’s clear that Hellier’s actions and his failure to follow proper legal procedures have resulted in this case being dropped for now," Day said.

The situation adds another layer of controversy surrounding Hellier, whose role as chairman of Yeovil Town Football Club is now under intense scrutiny. The community and fans of the club are closely watching the developments, as the legal and personal turmoil of their chairman unfolds. Whilst also Hellier is under investigation by the FA as well as being charged for another offence.

As the legal proceedings continue, the football club faces uncertainty, as it lacks cash and there are growing calls for Hellier to step down from his position to protect the club's reputation and ensure its stability. On social media today Hellier announced he was considering quitting the club before he deleted the tweet after fans asked him to do so.

Taking exclusively tonight to Global247news.co.uk  Day said:  '  I was in eastern europe on the Ukrainian/ Russia border when I was tagged into a tweet from a thief who was once banned and  still could be from all Supermarkets in the UK. The serial thief who according to news reports was a ' loner ' with no friends and stealing to gain credability, any way his latest obsession is being a presenter on Three Valleys Radio, where quite honestly he talks a lot of shite as he commentates on a game, thankfully he has Paul Thorpe alongside him- knows the non league game and local legend with sense, although I hope Paul checks his pockets after being sat next to the ' Tea Leaf'  

' Anyway the prolific shoplifter  Simon Thyer decided to announce on Twitter that i was to attend Yeovil Magistrates court, on June 18,  because he quickly deleted his tweet, I thought it was another ' craving attention' issue. I never thought more about it until today as the Yeovil Football Club Chairman reacted today saying it was listing, whilst his stooges tweeted the listing, 

' I've today contacted the court service to firstly establish it's actually me, they weren't sure as they had no details for me, but they stated no listing tomorrow as I have not received a summons despite Heliers claims - although I desire a Crown Court case to expose him - I have all the evidence that has been presented to Avon & Somerset Police and on that basis in agreement they have him on police bail ' 

Day went on to say: ' Sadly many Yeovil fans are 'green' for instance, they call him a savoir - it's not true, he paid over the odds based on his ego, which prevented real investment into the football club which Hellier can't deliver, hes in the re - mortgage game at present on several properties to assist funding the business.' 

'I know certain Yeovil fans' don't want to hear it.they feel they have been saved due to thet loyalty to the club, although the real reality is Hellier unless he gains investment will not survive in the National League Premier.- sadly the Yeovil story could have been as large as the Wrexham deal but Hellier paid over the odds to Scott Priestnall who laughed all the way to the bank.'

The Arrow Pub Yeovil  - Best Place To Watch Euro's

Day's comments come from a international businessman who has been involved in the football industry for over 30 years. He finished with ' When Cooper walks you watch Nouble take the reigns as manager!  he finished.

Yeovil Town FC  also need to raise over 3 million GBP  to buy back the stadium and land from the local council , something on paper it appears at Companies House Hellier can't afford - As local election candidate  Adam Dance admitted ' The Council will sell on deadline day' 

Whilst Global247news understands a property development company based ib Canary Wharf London, with no intrerest in football, have contacted the Council with evidence of funds placed in an escrow account ready to complete, something Hellier at present doesn't   have the funding for - as well as having blasted Councillors in the past.. making no friends locally.



' What Yeovil FC has right now 

The Avon and Somerset Police have not released further details regarding the charges against Hellier, but the investigation remains active. The public is urged to stay informed through official channels as more information becomes available rather than Helliers numerous social media pages under false named accounts. 

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