Police SHOOT Mad Axe Man At Euros 24

Police SHOOT Mad Axe Man At Euros 24

Armed Police Respond to Axe-Wielding Man Near Euro 2024 Fan Zone in Hamburg

Hamburg, Germany — June 16, 2024

Armed police swiftly responded to a serious incident near a Euro 2024 fan zone in Hamburg today, where an axe-wielding man began threatening football supporters ahead of the Netherlands vs. Poland match. The incident occurred on the Reeperbahn, a popular area close to the fan zone where thousands of Dutch fans had gathered.

According to reports, officers arrived at the scene promptly and engaged with the attacker. The man, who posed an immediate threat to the public, was reportedly shot by police and left "severely injured." The situation escalated after officers initially used pepper spray in an attempt to subdue the man, but ultimately resorted to firearms after a warning shot failed to stop him.

Rory Smith, a New York Times football journalist present at the scene, described the dramatic events: "Police have closed the Reeperbahn in Hamburg, not far from the fan zone, where there are thousands of Dutch fans. [There were] four loud bangs and then hundreds of riot police moved in."

The rapid police response involved a significant deployment of officers who managed to secure the area quickly. One witness, a Dutch football fan, commended the police's efficiency, stating that they "acted sharply and quickly."

The injured man was taken from the scene in an ambulance, and his current condition is unknown. The police have yet to release his identity or any possible motive for the attack.

This incident has underscored the heightened security concerns surrounding major public events like the Euros. Organizers and local authorities are working closely to ensure the safety of all attendees. Additional security measures are expected to be implemented in the wake of this attack to prevent similar incidents.

The ongoing investigation aims to uncover more details about the attacker and his intentions. The public is encouraged to share any information or footage they may have captured during the incident with the police.

Despite the scare, the Euro 2024 matches continued as scheduled, with fans displaying resilience and unity. Authorities are committed to maintaining a secure environment for all participants and spectators, reinforcing their vigilance to safeguard the festivities.

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