Rolex Watch Thefts Plague Spain's Marbella as Gangs Strike Twice in 24 Hours

Rolex Watch Thefts Plague Spain's Marbella as Gangs Strike Twice in 24 Hours

Rolex Watch Thefts Plague Marbella as Gangs Strike Twice in 24 Hours

Marbella, May 28, 2024 — The luxury watch theft epidemic continues unabated in Marbella, with two incidents occurring within a span of just 24 hours last weekend. Both thefts took place in broad daylight on Avenida Manolete, highlighting the audacity of the perpetrators. One of the victims, a man using a walking stick, required medical assistance following the robbery.

Police sources have confirmed that investigations are underway for both thefts. The first incident occurred on Friday afternoon, May 17. The victim, a tourist, was violently assaulted by at least two individuals who made off with his Rolex watch, valued at approximately 20,000 euros. Additionally, the thieves stole the man’s wallet, which contained a significant amount of money. Local Police arrived at the scene to find the victim bruised and shaken, having been knocked to the ground during the struggle.

Less than 24 hours later, on the morning of Saturday, May 18, another man fell victim to a similar crime on the same street, Avenida Manolete. His Rolex watch was snatched by thieves who quickly disappeared into the crowd.

Police Response and Ongoing Investigations

The Marbella police have long been aware of the high-end watch theft issue, leading to the creation of a special taskforce in the summer of 2022. This team, part of the specialised and violent crime unit (UDEV) at the Marbella police station, focuses on curbing these criminal activities. Despite their efforts, the recent incidents demonstrate the persistent threat posed by these gangs.

According to sources, these were not the only thefts last weekend. Early Sunday morning, a luxury home was broken into, and several valuables were stolen, including another Rolex watch. The National Police are currently investigating this burglary.

Community Impact and Safety Measures

The wave of thefts has raised significant concern among residents and tourists alike. The audacity of the thieves, targeting individuals in broad daylight and in busy areas, has prompted calls for increased security measures.

Authorities are urging the public to remain vigilant, especially those wearing high-value items. Police have also advised residents and tourists to report any suspicious activities immediately and to take precautions such as avoiding displaying valuable items openly.

As investigations continue, the police are hopeful that increased patrols and the dedicated taskforce will help deter further incidents. The community remains on edge, however, as these brazen thefts highlight the ongoing challenge of combating organised crime in a popular luxury destination like Marbella.

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