Russians Doing Drills With Nuclear Missile Launchers

Russians Doing Drills With Nuclear Missile Launchers

Ukraine Withdraws Troops from Chasiv Yar Amidst Intense Russian Offensive

Ukrainian forces have retreated from the outskirts of Chasiv Yar in the east, conceding territory to advancing Russian troops.

Oleh Shyriaiev, commander of the 255th Assault Battalion, which has been engaged in the area for six months, reported that Russian forces have resorted to burning every building not already destroyed by shelling after capturing the neighborhood.

"I regret that we are gradually losing territory," Shyriaiev said in a phone interview from Chasiv Yar. He added, "we cannot hold what is ruined."

He accused Russia of employing scorched-earth tactics to obliterate potential military positions, forcing Ukrainian troops to retreat from the strategic town.

Chasiv Yar lies just west of Bakhmut, which fell to Russian forces last year following a grueling 10-month battle. Kyiv reports that the intensity of Russian strikes on Ukraine’s defensive lines in the region has surged over the past month.

As the conflict drags on, Russia's defence ministry announced this morning that its forces are conducting drills with mobile nuclear missile launchers, according to Global247news reporters in Ukraine.

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