Russians Going Backwards In Kharkiv State Global247news Reporters

Russians Going Backwards In Kharkiv State Global247news Reporters

Global247news Reporters: Ukrainian Forces Push Back Against Russian Troops in Kharkiv Region

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has claimed that Vladimir Putin’s forces in the northeastern Ukrainian region of Kharkiv are "being pushed out" after launching a surprise attack last month.

"Our forces are gradually pushing (Russian troops) out of Kharkiv Oblast,” President Zelensky announced after receiving reports from the military command.

The Ukrainian military reports that Russia has suffered approximately 4,000 casualties since the launch of their Kharkiv offensive on May 10.

However, despite these claims, Ukrainian war tracker DeepState records indicate that Russia currently occupies around 71 square miles of territory in Kharkiv as of June 18, an increase from 66 square miles two weeks prior. Although Global247news reporters in Kharkiv advise ' The Russians are going backwards as the Ukrainians are hitting them hard. 

Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin is set to visit North Korea for the second time, 24 years after his initial visit shortly after assuming the Russian presidency. Ahead of his visit, Putin has pledged to enhance trade and security systems with North Korea, aiming to bolster Russia’s military capabilities in its ongoing war against Ukraine.

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