Serial Killers Death To Face Fatal Accident Enquiry

Serial Killers Death To Face Fatal Accident Enquiry

Fatal Accident Inquiry into Death of Scottish Serial Killer Peter Tobin Set for September

Edinburgh, May 27, 2024 — A fatal accident inquiry (FAI) into the death of notorious Scottish serial killer Peter Tobin will be held on September 17, 2024, it has been confirmed. The inquiry, mandatory by law due to Tobin's status as a prisoner at the time of his death, will examine the circumstances leading to his passing and whether any measures could have been taken to prevent it.

Peter Tobin, 76, who was serving a full life sentence for the brutal murders of Angelika Kluk, 23, Vicky Hamilton, 15, and Dinah McNicol, 18, died on October 8, 2022, at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary (ERI). His death came after a fall in his cell at HMP Edinburgh on September 9, 2022, which led to his hospitalization.

Background and Circumstances

Tobin had been receiving palliative care prior to his death as his health deteriorated. Despite his frail condition, he was under constant supervision by GeoAmey officers while in the hospital. Tobin's ashes were scattered at sea following his death.

The serial killer had long been suspected by police of being responsible for additional murders beyond those for which he was convicted. Throughout his life, he used more than 40 aliases and owned over 150 cars, complicating the investigation into his potential other crimes.

Inquiry Details

At a brief virtual hearing before Sheriff McCarron on Monday, all parties confirmed their readiness to proceed with the inquiry, setting the stage for the September date. The FAI will focus on determining the cause of Tobin's death, the specific circumstances under which it occurred, and whether any reasonable precautions could have been taken to prevent it.

Procurator fiscal Andy Shanks, who leads on fatalities investigations for Scotland’s prosecution service, emphasized the necessity of the inquiry: “The Lord Advocate considers that the death of Peter Tobin occurred while in legal custody and as such a fatal accident inquiry is mandatory.”

Purpose of the Inquiry

FAIs are designed to establish facts rather than to assign blame. The aim is to minimize the risk of similar deaths in the future by identifying any lapses in procedure or care. This inquiry will thus provide an important examination of the conditions and protocols in place at HMP Edinburgh and ERI during Tobin's final days.

Tobin's death, given his infamy and the severe nature of his crimes, has drawn significant public and media attention. The upcoming inquiry is expected to be closely followed as it sheds light on the prison healthcare system and the management of high-risk inmates in Scotland.


The fatal accident inquiry into Peter Tobin's death will be a crucial process in understanding the exact circumstances surrounding his passing. As it seeks to uncover whether any failures contributed to his death, the findings may lead to recommendations aimed at improving the safety and care of prisoners in Scotland. The hearing on September 17 will be a significant step in this ongoing effort to ensure accountability and enhance prison welfare standards.

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