Spain's Malaga Airport Enhances Security Screening

Spain's Malaga Airport Enhances Security Screening

Malaga Airport Enhances Security Screening to Accommodate Rising Passenger Numbers

With a steady increase in passenger traffic, Malaga Airport is expanding its essential services, including security screening, to meet the growing demand. Security control checkpoints, often the most congested areas of an airport, are being bolstered to ensure a smoother passage for passengers, especially during the high season.

Malaga Airport aims to have 98% of its passengers pass through security checkpoints in less than ten minutes. To achieve this, a new screening area will be established where the security controls at Terminal 2 (T2) were previously located before the airport's expansion. This new area will feature five double lines equipped with ten X-ray machines, and an exclusive security line for passengers with reduced mobility. The work is expected to be completed soon.

An airport operator, Aena, commented: "At airports, we plan to anticipate and guarantee sufficient capacity and quality in the face of future growth in activity. The expansion and unification of the security screeners in T2 respond to this planning, to the need to adapt to demand and to prepare ourselves, in this case, to continue to fulfil, as we have done up to now, our commitment to ensure that 98% of passengers pass through security in less than ten minutes."

The process of increasing capacity and ensuring quality service began last November with the expansion of the old security screeners in T2. Although the work is nearing completion, the first milestone was reached last Easter with the completion of the first block, which includes three arches and six X-ray machines. These new security controls are ready to be used as needed, primarily to decongest the current checkpoints during the boarding of large groups of passengers at specific times.

In addition to the new screening area in T2, Malaga Airport also has robust security operations in Terminal 3 (T3), which includes ten double lines, 20 X-ray machines, an exclusive screener for passengers with reduced mobility, and another designed for large families and groups.

These enhancements reflect Malaga Airport's commitment to maintaining high service standards and accommodating future growth, ensuring a more efficient and pleasant experience for all passengers.

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