Spain's Malaga City Hall Orders Closure of Historic 'Chiringuito'

Spain's Malaga City Hall Orders Closure of Historic 'Chiringuito'

Malaga City Hall Orders Closure of Historic 'Chiringuito' El Cabra for Health Risks

Malaga city hall has ordered the closure of the historic 'chiringuito' El Cabra in Pedregalejo due to "serious risk to public health". Following a routine inspection this week, significant hygiene and health deficiencies were found at the popular establishment located on the El Pedregal promenade.

Inspection Findings

The council’s report highlighted several critical issues:

  • General lack of cleanliness and maintenance
  • Massive presence of live and dead cockroaches
  • Absence of hot water
  • Poor hygiene practices, including inadequate defrosting and unprotected food storage
  • Missing food preparation dates
  • Lack of registration in the regional registry
  • Absence of documentation related to food safety management

Due to these concerns, the council has mandated an immediate cessation of operations at El Cabra. This decision has been communicated to the Local Police to ensure coordinated surveillance and enforcement.

Closure and Required Actions

El Cabra has been closed since the precautionary measure was enforced. The establishment has a 15-day period to address and rectify the identified deficiencies. After this period, inspectors will re-evaluate the corrections to determine whether the closure order should be lifted.

Historical Context and Ownership

El Cabra, a well-known restaurant that opened in 1965, transitioned ownership in 2018 when the daughters of its founder, Manuel Cabra Ávila, retired. The new owners, a business group involved in the hospitality sector, leased the establishment for 15 years with the intention of maintaining its operations.

Efforts to contact the current owners for comments have been unsuccessful.

Next Steps

The fate of El Cabra now depends on the swift and thorough resolution of the health and hygiene issues outlined by the inspection. The local community and patrons await the potential reopening of this historic chiringuito, contingent on meeting the required health standards.

For further updates, stay tuned to local news outlets and official statements from Malaga city hall.

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