Spain's Operation 'Dedalo' Dismantles Crime Gang

Spain's Operation 'Dedalo' Dismantles Crime Gang

Guardia Civil Dismantles Construction Theft Ring in Malaga Province

In a significant operation named 'Dedalo,' the Guardia Civil has dismantled a criminal organization involved in the theft of machinery, tools, and wiring from construction companies across Malaga province. This operation has led to the arrest of three individuals and an additional person being investigated.

The investigation was triggered by an incident on March 31, when a van crashed into a house in a residential estate in Mijas, Malaga. The van was speeding away after the gang had stolen machinery, tools, and wiring from a construction company. Following the crash, the three occupants fled on foot, abandoning the van loaded with stolen goods.

Through meticulous investigative work, the Guardia Civil identified the three individuals who had fled the scene. These suspects had committed thefts from construction companies in Nerja, Mijas, and Fuengirola. Additionally, it was revealed that the owner of the van, who had reported it stolen, was connected to the thefts.

As a result, the three suspects were located and arrested, while a woman was investigated for crimes including robbery with force, membership in a criminal organization, and simulating a crime.


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