Spain's Water Crisis Sees Showers Banned On The Costa del Sol

Spain's Water Crisis Sees Showers Banned On The Costa del Sol

Serious Drought Conditions Persist in Axarquia and Malaga City

The drought situation remains serious in Axarquia and Malaga city, and severe for parts of the western strip of the Costa del Sol. While significant rains in March have somewhat mitigated the crisis, the region is still facing stringent water usage limits set by the drought committee and agreements between the Junta and water supply companies such as Emasa, Axaragua, Acosol, and Arcgisa (Campo de Gibraltar).

Water Usage Restrictions

One of the primary concerns has been the major uses of water, particularly for swimming pools and irrigation, leading to various restrictions. Although some limitations have been eased, others, such as the ban on beach showers and foot baths, remain in force as of June 1. This ban affects 14 coastal municipalities, including all 41 Blue Flag beaches on the Costa del Sol. The only exception will be showers and foot baths designed for people with reduced mobility. In Malaga city, these types of showers and foot baths will only be available at Misericordia, Malagueta, and El Dedo beaches.

Educational Measures

Emasa has provided data confirming the educational purpose of these cuts: beach showers and foot baths account for only 0.24% of Malaga city's overall water consumption. This highlights the importance of conserving water even in seemingly minor areas.

Specific Restrictions

In sports facilities and community swimming pools, showers will be permitted where their use is mandatory for sanitary reasons. However, several other restrictions remain in place:

  • Filling existing swimming pools with potable water from scratch is forbidden (except in cases of new construction or refurbishment).
  • Cleaning vehicles is only allowed at authorized car wash establishments.
  • Watering lawns with drinking water is prohibited, except for gardens in exceptional situations as specified in the ordinances.
  • Running ornamental fountains is only permitted if they have a closed circuit.
  • Irrigating golf courses with drinking water is banned.
  • Washing down patios and terraces with potable water is not allowed.

These measures aim to manage the severe drought conditions and promote water conservation across the region, ensuring that essential needs can still be met while minimizing wastage.

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