Spanish Pool Owners Cashing in

Spanish Pool Owners Cashing in

Rise in Holiday Rentals Spurs Demand for Outdoor Areas, Private Pool Rentals Soar

As the number of holiday rentals continues to climb, so too does the demand for outdoor spaces. This summer, a notable trend has emerged: the booming business of private pool rentals. Gerard Xalabarde, CEO of Cocopool, an online platform based in Barcelona, recently highlighted this trend in an interview with La Vanguardia.

“Space rental has become the business of the summer. In fact, the private pool rental market is now an option that is growing all over Spain, and it is a trend that is attracting more and more attention from owners and bathers,” Xalabarde explained.

Growing Popularity Across Spain

Initially, Cocopool focused on listings in Madrid and Barcelona. However, in recent months, the platform has seen significant growth in Andalucia and Valencia, with an increasing number of pool owners in these regions eager to list their properties. “There are many potential hosts, and we are receiving more and more offers,” Xalabarde noted.

Financial Insights

Xalabarde revealed that the average booking on Cocopool is around €480 for a six-hour rental. This price point indicates a robust demand for private, exclusive outdoor spaces where renters can enjoy a personalized and relaxing experience without the crowds often found at public pools.

The New Summer Business

This surge in private pool rentals is part of a broader trend where homeowners are monetizing their outdoor spaces. The convenience and privacy of renting a private pool appeal to many holidaymakers looking to enhance their vacation experience.

Regional Trends

While Madrid and Barcelona remain hotspots for pool rentals, the growing interest in Andalucia and Valencia suggests a nationwide expansion of this market. The warm climates and scenic locales of these regions make them ideal for outdoor leisure activities, further driving demand.

Future Prospects

With the trend gaining momentum, Xalabarde and his team at Cocopool are optimistic about the future. The increasing number of listings and bookings indicates that more homeowners are recognizing the financial benefits of renting out their pools, while more holidaymakers are seeking exclusive, private spaces to enjoy their summer breaks.

As holiday rentals proliferate, platforms like Cocopool are well-positioned to cater to the burgeoning demand for unique and private outdoor experiences, making private pool rentals a cornerstone of summer leisure activities in Spain.

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