Yeovil Town FC Chairman In Multi Million Pending Law Suit

Yeovil Town FC Chairman In Multi Million Pending Law Suit

Yeovil Town FC Faces Financial Crisis As Club Owner Martin Hellier to Be Sued by High-Profile Law Firm Representing Jeremy Vine Against Joey Barton.

Article Written & Published By Rhys David, Ex News Of The World & Current Global247news Chief Reporter.

Yeovil, UK — Yeovil Town Football Club is teetering on the edge of financial disaster as its owner, Martin Hellier, faces a significant lawsuit from businessman Steve Day. The legal action, expected to claim damages around £2.5- 3 million, threatens to plunge the club into a dire financial situation, with Hellier being the sole financier of the club.

High-Stakes Legal Claim

Global247news understands that Steve Day has enlisted the services of the prestigious law firm that represented broadcaster Jeremy Vine in his successful lawsuit against former footballer Joey Barton.

This development signals a potentially lengthy and costly legal battle for Hellier, his football club, and his company, the Hellier Group.

Jeremy Vine commended his lawyers,as former footballer and manager Joey Barton agreed to pay damages to renowned broadcaster Jeremy Vine following a defamation lawsuit.

Vine, who is a reader of Global247news and having been known to share Global publications to his viewing audience - endorsed and recommended his legal team, that Day has instructed to sue Hellier.

The conflict between Vine and Barton began when Barton made a series of public statements on social media and in interviews, alleging unethical behavior and personal misconduct by Vine.

Vine, a respected journalist and television presenter known for his work on BBC Radio 2 and the show "Eggheads," argued that Barton's comments were not only false but also severely damaging to his reputation.

Businessman Day,  is now filing a lawsuit, through Vines recommended legal experts against Hellier, seeking damages for one or more of his business operations and alleging severe harassment. 

Day, who operates across Europe and Asia, has reportedly been preparing for this legal action for several months it's understood but has now decided to it's time to deploy lawyers for High Court civil action.

The lawsuit alleges that Hellier's actions escalated to extreme threats and vile comments.

 Hellier allegedly threatened to kill Day's partner and himself, while making grotesque remarks about desecrating the remains of Day's deceased father and daughter. It is claimed that, while appearing under the influence, Hellier threatened to "dig up [Day's] dead daughter before pissing on her bones."

Additionally, Hellier is accused of making racist remarks towards Day's partner, referring to her as a "Slavic Whore." Day's partner is, in fact, a Ukrainian businesswoman from the textile industry, currently taking refuge in the UK with her children and elderly parents.

The lawsuit also includes claims for damages due to business losses caused by Hellier's actions.

The writ will allege that Hellier created a website on Wix to mock Day's business operations, sharing it on social media with Yeovil Town supporters and within the business community.

This defamatory website reportedly led to the termination of a significant contract worth over £1 million  per year for ten years with the French company Driive Me, affecting Day's Gibraltar-based company, Move Cars For You, part of Days Move Group.

Driive me Ltd based in France, Germany & Spain after seeing the hosted video terminated their contract with Move Cars For You.

Moreover, the lawsuit claims that another business venture under the Move Group, branded "Move Yeovil," which offered Yeovil residents the opportunity to sell their properties outside of traditional estate agencies, was halted. This was allegedly due to the defamatory website promoted by Hellier, which undermined confidence within the Yeovil real estate sector.

The case highlights the severe personal and professional impact of Hellier's actions on Day, illustrating the broader implications of online harassment and defamation.

A source close to the situation revealed, “Steve Day has been deeply affected by the actions of Martin Hellier, both personally and professionally. Whilst Steve is not often affected emotionally, Hellier went to the point of using his daughters death, to get at him in threats and hit a raw nerve. as well as comments regards his deceased Father.

'The decision to proceed with a lawsuit was not made lightly. Due to his distant allegiance to the local  football club, knowing the law suit could potentially see the club wound up.  Day intends now though to see it through to ensure justice is served. and that his staff affected by Hellier's actions are compensated, and leave the football club to face the possible financial fall out.

Martin Hellier on Avon & Somerset Police Bail

Martin Hellier, who is facing the civil lawsuit, is also currently on police bail until August 13th as Avon & Somerset Police prepare a criminal case against him.

The case, being compiled by detectives in Yeovil, is described as lengthy and complex to build a complete bundle for CPS Criminal Prosecution.

According to evidence filed with his lawyers, Hellier allegedly sent over 300 text messages to Day despite being repeatedly asked to cease communication.

Many of these messages were reportedly abusive and threatening.

One of the bail conditions stipulated that Hellier should not contact Day.

Hellier felt he was above the law in social media postings, stating he had 'people in high places' at Yeovil Police Station, something else that is under investigation by the Avon & Somerset Police Complaints Commission, James Robinson based at HQ in Avonmouth, Somerset.

However, it appears that Hellier has violated his bail conditions, an issue that the police are currently addressing after Hellier, contacted Day on X to taunt and abuse him further, breaking his bail stipulations, by posting on X 

The tweet whilst again abusing Day, contained false information, that led to a reaction from a drug dealer who has just been released from Dubai prison stint.

The investigation continues as authorities gather all necessary evidence to proceed with the case on the criminal side of events as well as the breach of bail conditions.


Financial Fallout for Yeovil Town FC

The financial implications for Yeovil Town FC are severe.

The club, which has struggled financially in recent years, may not be able to withstand the strain of a multi-million-pound lawsuit.

If Hellier is found liable,which groups of lawyers who have studied the evidence feel he will be in the High Court , the financial burden could lead to drastic measures, including potential asset liquidation or even administration for Yeovil Town.

“This lawsuit couldn't come at a worse time for Yeovil Town FC,” say's financial analyst Richard Laycock . “The club is already facing economic challenges, and a legal bill of this magnitude could be catastrophic.” Hellier is the financer of the club through his business with estimated total assets of 4 million.

'Understanding the claim from the details I have been presented, to explain it, there's a claim instantly for one million pounds or more for the losses incurred by Hellier building a defamatory website against Day. Driive Me, the French owned company terminated the contract, citing the publication of the website as the reason.

'The same website defamed Day's ' Move Yeovil ' real estate operation which would be a lesser claim of which I would estimate at around £500,000  

'On top of that is the claim for harassment damages for the false claims, forcing a local Yeovil resident to protect herself due to the false claims, who had previously lived with Day in Spain for 8 years, that could potentially be a heavy claim of £100,000 judging by the Barton -Vine case and payout.

'As the website also tarnished Day's wood importing business as well as others, there could be another claim, if they can claim they were affected by the hosting of the website registered as Steve-day-Yeovil.Com on the Wix platform.

'There's also some more claim there for the lies and defamation, as well as harassment, the facts are simple, Day lived here with the lady in question at their Villa in Torreblanca, Costa del Sol for 8 years, prior to them separating on friendly terms.  Although the distress caused that relationship to be put under pressure. How a judge views that, it's hard to estimate.

'Slander, towards Day's media company from Hellier could also be considered, although a small amount as Day only acquired prior to the death of it's owner, Mr Ian Platt, the former Editor and manager of the Round Town News that covered Ex Pat news across Spain as well as other publications, which some Day acquired.  Although Day could potentially claim the business brand was damaged by Hellier in name, that could be a tough claim though.

'Then comes the damages for the slurs and threats by Hellier towards his deceased daughter and his father, those alone I can see another claim up to a million pounds. Day would claim the pain and anguish suffered and affect on his mental health furthered by Hellier, after the tragic loss, to which he sued Yeovil District Hospital successfully.

'Whilst the Hellier Group in total that funds Yeovil Town FC  has looking at Company House Records total assets of around 4 million. Much being property, although much is currently re-mortgaged.

' All in all the weight of the claim could outweigh the total assets of Hellier, which in turn sees big complications for Yeovil Town FC'  explained Laycock. 

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Looking Ahead

As the legal proceedings unfold, the future of Yeovil Town FC hangs in the balance. The club's management and supporters are bracing for what could be a tumultuous period. Many are calling for transparency and decisive action to protect the club's interests and ensure its survival.

Yeovil Town FC has yet to release an official statement regarding the pending lawsuit. However, it is expected that the club will need to address the situation publicly in the coming days.

For now, the focus remains on the impending legal battle and the potential ramifications for one of Yeovil's most cherished institutions. The community and fans alike are hoping for a resolution that will safeguard the future of Yeovil Town Football Club.

Although former Truro FC player and Managing Director of Devonshire Pine Ltd, Andrew Waddell, say's he can't see it happening, after losing 30 million pounds inadvertently in a High Court battle with Day.

He relived ' Day and our Chairman Peter Hockin fell out and Day took out a High Court Claim, thankfully by deploying Day's furniture importation business and marketing company, our company had gone from a turnover of 6 million pounds, to 20 million +  for a 7'8 year period generating a profit over those years of 40 million.

' It became a bloodbath financially,  it cost the company all in all 30 million GBP, we just about survived due to our reserves.'

' He and his company advisers at the time were relentless - our company basically crashed after getting into loggerheads with Day, it survived - just!  & we hadn't gone personal like it appears the Yeovil Town Chairman has' said Waddell. 

Day & Hellier both declined to comment - despite being requested on what could be the final nail in the coffin for Yeovil Town Football Club.

Although Hellier did take to social media to mock Day and the FA after he was fined for match day charges earlier in the season.

Hellier in the latest statement refers to an airship which Day once arranged for banned for football fans as published in the New York Times and other Global media establishments, although described by Hellier as 'Hooky Websites' 

Meanwhile at the small West Country non league club, a mass of supporters are deploring the actions of their current owner.

Summed up by one loyal fan who knows Hellier well,  and regularly tweets as @RIPYTFC  

He told Global247news: 'I have said from day one that his ego will kill the club, I said he would overspend, over achieve for one year and then run out of money. He would then play the victim when he is well known for bullying people' 






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