Troops Delight In Ukraine With Extra Air Defence

Troops Delight In Ukraine With Extra Air Defence

Global247News Reporters: Troops Delighted as U.S. Prioritizes Patriot and NASAMS Missile Deliveries to Ukraine

Washington, D.C. — In a significant move to bolster Ukraine’s air defense amid renewed Russian attacks, the United States has announced it will prioritize deliveries of newly-manufactured Patriot and NASAMS missile systems to Ukraine, even over existing orders from other allies. This decision comes in response to the urgent need to fortify Kyiv’s defenses following Russia’s intensified targeting of Ukraine’s power grid.

Urgent Need for Air Defense

White House National Security Communications Adviser John Kirby addressed reporters on Thursday, highlighting the critical situation faced by Ukrainian forces. "Ukrainian troops are currently in desperate need of additional air defense capabilities as Russia continues to target Ukrainian infrastructure ahead of the fall and winter seasons," Kirby stated.

Prioritizing Ukraine

"In recent months, Russia has accelerated its missile and drone attacks against cities and civilian infrastructure, attempting to destroy Ukraine’s energy system ahead of this winter," Kirby explained. "As a result, the United States government has made the difficult but necessary decision to reprioritize near-term planned deliveries of particularly Patriot and NASAMS missiles to go to Ukraine instead of other allies."

Troops Delighted

Global247News reporters on the ground have noted that Ukrainian troops are delighted by the U.S. decision, viewing it as a much-needed lifeline. The increased delivery of these advanced missile systems is expected to significantly enhance Ukraine’s defensive capabilities in the face of ongoing Russian aggression.

Impact and Commitment

Kirby emphasized the immediate effect of this policy shift, stating, "Ukraine will receive more deliveries of needed weapons within the next few weeks." He assured that the U.S. would strive to minimize disruptions to defense needs for other customers. "To be clear, those countries will still receive the missiles they have ordered — just the delivery timelines will now take a little longer," he clarified.

Kirby underscored the strategic importance of this move, noting, "The U.S. firmly believes that this is the best course of action right now to support Ukraine." He stressed that this decision reflects America's unwavering commitment to supporting Ukraine and other partners facing "existential danger."


Support from Allies

“We’re going to make sure we give Ukraine the critical air defense capabilities they need now and into the future,” Kirby continued. He also expressed gratitude to other nations, saying, "We’re grateful to the nations that we’ve reached out to that have not only understood, but many of them have been fully supportive of this decision."


As the situation in Ukraine remains dire, the U.S. prioritization of Patriot and NASAMS missile deliveries marks a crucial step in strengthening Ukraine’s defenses. This move has been met with approval from Ukrainian forces and is expected to enhance their ability to protect critical infrastructure and civilian lives as winter approaches.

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