Ukraine Launched Overnight Drone Attack On Russian Naval Base

Ukraine Launched Overnight Drone Attack On Russian Naval Base

Ukraine Launches Drone Attack on Russia's Black Sea Naval Base

Kyiv, Ukraine - Ukraine launched a bold overnight drone assault on Vladimir Putin's Black Sea naval base, targeting the Novorossiysk port where Russia's fleet has been hiding. According to the Russian Ministry of Defence, Russian defenses successfully shot down the two sea drones fired by Kyiv.

Satellite imagery captured significant fires in the Novorossiysk port area, a critical hub for Russia's crude oil and oil products exports and transit operations in the south of the country.

This attack coincided with deadly strikes in Ukraine’s northeastern Kharkiv region, where Russian attacks claimed the life of one person and injured four others. Kharkiv regional prosecutors reported that an assault on the village of Borova resulted in one fatality and two injuries, also causing damage to ten homes, stores, and an administrative building.

In response to ongoing aggression, Volodymyr Zelensky's senior aide, Andri Yermak, affirmed that Kyiv remains steadfast against compromising with Russia. "We are not ready to go to the compromise for the very important things and values... independence, freedom, democracy, territorial integrity, sovereignty," Yermak declared, emphasizing Ukraine's commitment to reclaiming all territories seized by Russian forces since February 2022.

The developments underscore the persistent tensions and hostilities as Ukraine continues to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity against Russian aggression.

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