Ukraine Leader Calls For More Long Range Missiles After Russian Strike

Ukraine Leader Calls For More Long Range Missiles After Russian Strike

Zelensky Renews Call for Long-Range Weapons Following Deadly Russian Strike

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has intensified his plea for additional long-range weapons after a devastating Russian strike killed seven people and injured 31 others in the town of Vilniansk, near Zaporizhzhia.

“Our cities and communities suffer daily from such Russian strikes,” Zelensky lamented following the attack, which tragically claimed the lives of two children. He emphasized that there are “ways to overcome this,” pointing to the need for “destroying Russian missile launchers, striking with real long-range capability, and increasing the number of modern air defence systems.”

Ukraine has already received significant support from Western allies, including Scalp missiles from France, Storm Shadow missiles from the UK, and ATACMS from the US. Additionally, the US has supplied Ukraine with Patriot air defense systems to bolster its defenses against ongoing Russian aggression.

In related news, the Kremlin has remained silent regarding former US President Donald Trump’s recent claim that he could “settle the war” in Ukraine if re-elected in November. Trump made this assertion during Thursday’s US presidential debate, where he and current President Joe Biden each sought to present themselves as the stronger candidate on foreign policy matters.

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