Ukranian Soldiers Boycott Thatchers Cider From Somerset

Ukranian Soldiers Boycott Thatchers Cider From Somerset

Off-Duty Ukrainian Soldiers Boycott Imported Thatchers Cider Amid Controversy

In a surprising turn of events, off-duty Ukrainian soldiers have started a boycott against Thatchers Cider, imported and distributed by aid relief workers, due to a recent scandal involving Yeovil football chairman,Martin Hellier.

The boycott was prompted by racist comments and death threats allegedly made by the chairman towards a Ukrainian woman seeking safety in the UK with her two young children.

The controversy erupted when it was reported that the chairman of the football club associated with Thatchers Cider, via a sponsorship package made offensive remarks and threats against the woman.

The allegations have sparked outrage among the Ukrainian soldiers, who have refused to accept the cider as a gesture of solidarity with the victim.

"We are standing against racism and threats," said Andrey Zavalana a spokesperson for the soldiers. "We cannot in good conscience accept or consume products associated with such behaviour, especially when the victim is a mother seeking refuge."

The boycott has garnered significant support among the troops, who have been relying on supplies and comforts from aid workers during their off-duty hours. The soldiers are calling for accountability and a strong stance against the chairman's actions.

"We appreciate the aid workers and the support they provide," said another soldier, Ivan Petrov. "But we have to take a stand. Racism and threats against our people

have no place in our world, and we want to show our support for the woman and her children whilst our country is being attacked by Russia.'

Aid relief workers, while understanding the soldiers' stance, are now facing the challenge of finding alternative comfort items to boost the morale of the troops. Many have expressed their support for the soldiers' decision and are working to source other products.

"We respect the soldiers' decision and their stand against racism," said one aid worker. "We are committed to supporting them in any way we can, and we are already looking for alternative beverages and supplies that align with their values."


Thatchers Cider has yet to release an official statement regarding the incident and the boycott. Although head of media Phillip McTeer had previously stated ' We are big supporters of Yeovil Town and we have no further comment.'

As the boycott continues, the Ukrainian soldiers remain firm in their stance, hoping their actions will contribute to a broader movement against racism and threats, and in support of the victim and her family seeking safety.

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