Vaughan Gethin Supporters Play The Race Card

Vaughan Gethin Supporters Play The Race Card



Supporters of First Minister Vaughan Gething in the Senedd have alleged that criticisms directed at him are racially motivated.

According to sources speaking to BBC Wales, these assertions were made during an urgent meeting of Labour politicians in the Welsh Parliament, convened on Friday night in response to Plaid Cymru's premature termination of a cooperation agreement with the Welsh government.

However, a source from the Welsh government has refuted claims that Mr Gething himself made such statements.

Despite being Europe's first black leader of a government, Mr Gething has faced mounting pressure following the fact he accepted £200,000 for his campaign from a company run by a man who was convicted twice for environmental offences, it has emerged.

Although, the people of Wales have contacted Global247news to say it has nothing to do with race,

' It's because he's corrupt and hopeless' said Steven Thomas from Bargeod.

' It winds me right up when these ' lefties' play the race card in defence - it's just an excuse.' claimed the Welsh campaigner.

Meanwhile Government official Chris Jacob told how the majority of Wales have no faith in the current Welsh leader, the proud Welshman said: ' Nobody in Wales has any faith in him, it's nothing to do with colour or creed, let's face the facts, he hasn't been voted in by the Welsh People - just his pals at the Senedd.

' It looks like he's backtracking again though, he should have been sacked after the Covid fiasco,' 

Mr Gething, the Cardiff South and Penarth MS, stood against Jeremy Miles in the race to replace First Minister Mark Drakeford.

He also received donations from two other companies run by Mr Neal in Autumn 2018, when he last ran to become Welsh Labour leader.


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