Yeovil Chairman Martin Hellier Police Bail Extended

Yeovil Chairman Martin Hellier Police Bail Extended

Yeovil Town FC Chairman Martin Hellier's Bail Extended Amid Serious Allegations

Yeovil, May 28, 2024 — Martin Hellier, the chairman of Yeovil Town FC, has had his bail extended by police as investigations continue into serious allegations against him. Hellier faces accusations of threatening to kill a man, a Ukrainian refugee, and their children, as well as harassment involving hundreds of text messages, malicious communications, and creating a fake website to defame his victim. Sources indicate that his bail has been extended to August, just before the start of the next football season.


The allegations against Hellier are severe and multifaceted. Police are investigating claims that he issued threats to kill, subjected the victims to harassment through an extensive number of text messages, and engaged in malicious communications. Additionally, it is alleged that Hellier set up a fake website with the intent to defame his victim.

Hellier has publicly denied all accusations. In a recent interview with ITV West Country news, he asserted his innocence, attributing the allegations to AI-generated misinformation. Despite his denials, the legal proceedings are moving forward, and Hellier is expected to face high court action for damages due to his alleged actions as well as the criminal proceedings.

Ongoing Investigation

It's been confirmed the extension of Hellier's bail until August. This extension allows additional time for the investigation to be thoroughly conducted, ensuring all evidence is meticulously reviewed. The timing is critical as it coincides with the preparations for the upcoming football season, potentially impacting the club's stability.

Legal Repercussions

In addition to the police investigation, Hellier is anticipated to face high court action for damages. The allegations, if proven, could result in significant legal and financial consequences for the chairman. The high court action aims to seek reparation for the alleged damages caused by Hellier's actions.

Public Denial and Blame on AI

Hellier's public denial on ITV West Country news, where he blamed AI for the accusations, has raised eyebrows. His defense strategy hinges on discrediting the authenticity of the allegations by attributing them to artificial intelligence manipulation. This claim will likely be scrutinized as part of the ongoing investigation and any subsequent legal proceedings.

Looking Ahead

As the investigation progresses and the high court action looms, the future of Martin Hellier's role at Yeovil Town FC remains uncertain. The club, its supporters, and the local community are keenly watching developments, hoping for a resolution that upholds justice and maintains the integrity of Yeovil Town FC.

For now, the extended bail and impending legal battles cast a long shadow over Hellier and the club, making the coming months a critical period for all parties involved.

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