Outrage as Yeovil Pedophile Geoffrey Highfield Avoids Prosecution: Victim Seeks Private Justice

In a decision that has ignited public debate, Avon and Somerset Police have announced they will not be prosecuting Geoffrey Highfield, a known pedophile residing on Rowan Way, Yeovil. Despite concluding that Highfield committed two offenses against one of his several victims, the police have deemed it "not in the public interest" to pursue legal action. This controversial decision has led one of Highfield's victims to seek justice through a private criminal prosecution.

Geoffrey Highfield,  with a disturbing history of sexual offenses against minors, continues to live freely in Yeovil. Avon and Somerset Police justified their decision by citing several factors, including Highfield’s current living situation. Highfield now lives alone, with no children residing at his address, which the police argue reduces the immediate risk to the public.

Highfield it's understood was not even interviewed by the police despite evidence supplied.

A Police Officer, DC Glover, from Yeovil police  explained to one of Highield's victims  “After thorough consideration of all aspects of the case, including the likelihood of securing a conviction and the current living arrangements of Mr. Highfield, it was determined that pursuing prosecution is not in the public interest.”

Victim’s Pursuit of Justice:

One of Highfield’s victims, dissatisfied with the police’s decision, has taken matters into their own hands by applying directly to the magistrates' court for a private criminal prosecution. This legal route allows individuals to seek justice independently when they feel the public prosecution system has failed them.

The victim, who remains anonymous for privacy reasons, expressed their frustration: “The decision not to prosecute Highfield is a betrayal. It minimizes the gravity of his crimes and leaves other potential victims at risk. I cannot stand by and do nothing.”

The community of Yeovil has reacted with anger and disbelief especially the fact that Highfield was not even interviewed by the police at any stage.

Residents fear that the decision undermines the seriousness of Highfield’s offenses and sends a troubling message to both victims and perpetrators of such crimes.  A local parent, said: “This decision is outrageous. It feels like the safety of our children is being disregarded.

Legal experts have highlighted the importance of balancing prosecutorial discretion with the need to uphold justice. A criminal justice expert, commented: “While practical considerations are valid, they must not overshadow the imperative to hold offenders accountable, especially in cases involving sexual offenses against minors. The public interest includes maintaining trust in the justice system.”

In light of a recent conviction by Dorset Police of a historical paedophile, Detective Constable George Boast of the Child Abuse Investigation Team praised the bravery of the victims. He stated: “For these victims to come forward and report these offences to police has taken immense bravery on their part. They have also shown strength and courage to support the subsequent investigation and court process. I hope this will inspire other victims of sexual offences, including non-recent sexual abuse, to come forward and report matters in the knowledge that they will be supported and we will take action."

However, the experience of a victim in Somerset tells a different story.

Despite coming forward to report sexual offenses committed by Geoffrey Highfield, the victim has faced significant challenges.

Avon and Somerset Police decided not to prosecute Highfield, citing that it was "not in the public interest."

The Somerset victim, who remains anonymous, expressed deep disappointment: “I read DC Boast’s statement before coming forward, and it gave me hope.

'But in all honesty, it’s just been a load of grief. Although Somerset Police have decided not to act, I will persist privately to have him prosecuted for his sexual crimes.”

This contrast in handling cases of historical sexual abuse has sparked criticism and concern among residents and advocacy groups in Somerset. The victim’s determination to seek justice through private prosecution highlights the gaps in support and action that some victims face, despite assurances from the UK police.

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