Yeovil Town Chairman Martin Hellier's Racist Comments Cause Outrage

Yeovil Town Chairman Martin Hellier's Racist Comments Cause Outrage

Outrage in Somerset as Yeovil Town FC Chairman's Racist Comments Surface

Yeovil, UK - Martin Hellier, Chairman of Yeovil Town Football Club, has sparked widespread outrage across Somerset after text messages containing racist comments and threats were revealed on the social media platform X (formerly Twitter) over the weekend. The leaked messages showed Hellier branding a Ukrainian refugee a "Slavic Whore" and threatening to kill her. The footage, visible under the hashtag #YTFC, has horrified the local community and led to calls for a boycott of brands sponsoring the club.

Community Backlash

The shocking nature of the messages has prompted residents and fans to voice their anger and disappointment. Many have expressed their disapproval and to call for a boycott of Yeovil Town FC’s sponsors, including national brands Thatchers Cider and Vertu Motors.

One local resident commented, "It's appalling to see such hateful and threatening language from someone in a position of influence. We cannot support a club that stands by such behavior." The sentiment is echoed widely, with many demanding immediate action from both the club and its sponsors.

Potential Boycotts

The backlash has not been limited to social media. Several Somerset residents have threatened to boycott products from Thatchers Cider and Vertu Motors unless they withdraw their sponsorship of Yeovil Town FC. The brands are now under pressure to address the situation and take a stand against the racist remarks.

Global247news reached out to both Thatchers Cider and Vertu Motors for comments on the controversy, but as of yet, neither company has responded.

Club’s Response

Yeovil Town FC has yet to release an official statement addressing the leaked messages and the community’s reaction. Although on the weekend they did release a statement over a racist toned flag being used in Germany with the Yeovil Town badge.

The statement published by the club read:

Although it totally appears to contradict the Clubs Chairman Martin Hellier's own views as just after the statement came revelations of his racist and threatening comments in a long trail of SMS Text messages. 

Broader Implications

The incident highlights the increasing scrutiny on public figures and the impact of their actions on the organisations they represent. In an era where social media can rapidly amplify issues, companies and clubs must navigate the fallout from controversies involving their leaders.

Call for Action

Community leaders and anti-racism advocates are calling for a thorough investigation and appropriate measures to be taken against Hellier. They emphasise the need for accountability and the importance of promoting inclusivity and respect within the football community and beyond.


The revelation of Martin Hellier's racist comments has cast a shadow over Yeovil Town FC and its relationships with sponsors and the community. As outrage continues to grow, all eyes are on the club and its sponsors to see how they will respond to the calls for justice and change.

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