In a significant development for Yeovil Town FC, barrister and lifelong fan Rhys Rosser has resigned from his position on the club's board of directors. Rosser, credited with brokering the crucial deal with former owner Scott Priestnall, leaves behind a legacy of passionate involvement and key negotiations that have shaped the club's recent history.

Rhys Rosser, a well-known barrister and dedicated supporter of Yeovil Town, played an instrumental role in negotiating the deal that ultimately led to changes in the club’s ownership. His efforts in securing this agreement with Scott Priestnall not only facilitated a smoother transition but also earned him a coveted seat on the board of directors.

Rosser's deep-rooted connection to Yeovil Town FC, combined with his legal acumen, positioned him as a vital figure during the negotiations. His commitment to the club and his strategic thinking were pivotal in navigating the complexities of the deal, ensuring the best possible outcome for the team and its supporters.

During his tenure on the board, Rosser worked tirelessly to represent the interests of the fans and to foster a sense of community within the club. His contributions have been widely acknowledged by fellow board members and supporters alike, who have praised his dedication and his strategic vision for the club’s future.

However, it was understood last night that Rosser resigned from the board of Yeovil Town Football Club. He becomes the second director to depart after he and former commercial director Mark Robinson were appointed at the beginning of the season by new club owner Martin Hellier. Robinson lasted just half a season, while Rosser served one full season.

Rosser first entered the public arena when he appeared on the "Young Apprentice" show, where Lord Sugar told him, “Rhys, you are a very special person, don’t ever forget that – I said it. This is a milestone. Rhys, I’ve made my decision – You’re fired!” Rosser's resilience and determination were evident as he stated, “I’ve always had a slight inferiority complex about my height but it is not an issue anymore. I’ve learned so much for later life from the experience of being in this process and it has really given me a fire in my belly and confidence to go on and succeed in life.”

After initially working in banking, Rosser transitioned into the legal profession and joined the chambers of 2 Bedford Row, where he established a strong criminal defense practice. His career highlights include dealing with serious offenses such as murder, drug supply, financial crime, and complex conspiracies to defraud, among others. His expertise extends to representing well-known sportspeople and celebrities, highlighting his ability to handle high-profile cases with discretion and skill.

Despite his professional achievements, Yeovil Town Football Club has now lost Rosser's professional assets as he resigned from his position. Inside sources at the club cite the behavior of current club chairman Martin Hellier as a significant factor in Rosser's departure. While some fans speculate that Rosser was thrown off the board, a source confirmed, “He 100% walked,” adding that staff at the club are increasingly concerned with Hellier's erratic behavior.

The club released a press statement this afternoon following the exclusive news broken by Global247news. It reads:

"Yeovil Town Football Club can confirm that Rhys Rosser has today stepped down as a Director. As the fans will be aware, Rhys has a number of other professional commitments and him stepping down allows him to focus on these. Rhys has been of great support to the club over the period of transition and all at the club are very grateful to him."

One fan told Global247news, "I think it's a shame, I always thought he was the 'brains' on the board. At the same time, I always expected this to happen. The club owner's behavior has been atrocious and you can't expect a young man like Rosser to be associated with it when chasing a career in law."

Martin Hellier, the chairman of the club, has been surrounded by controversy both prior to and since taking over the reins of the Somerset club. While he initially impressed supporters by refreshing the old tarnished ground, Hellier later upset sections of supporters by banning them from Huish Park for simply disagreeing with his views. John Oakes of the club's supporters trust was one of the first casualties, with Hellier asserting it's "HIS CLUB."

Hellier was filmed in a confrontation with a Yeovil Town supporter at the first game of the season, leading to a club apology. Further footage showed him brawling with supporters in the Bell Inn, where he was dragged outside as a supporter lay on the floor.

Hellier also found himself on police bail for abusive messages, including threats and a racist comment calling a Ukrainian refugee a "Slavic Whore." According to DC Anderson of Yeovil Police Station, Hellier received a warning about his future conduct. Hellier's claims of having "people in high places" at Yeovil police station are now under investigation at Avon & Somerset Police headquarters in Avonmouth.

Many disgruntled fans believe the police "pulled strings" to prevent the matter from being presented to the CPS.

 Hellier also faces a High Court writ, which could potentially cripple the football club.

The future of Yeovil Town FC looks in a perilous position and the actions of Rhys Rosser, strengthen that viewpoint for many supporters, summed up by Ritchie Parsons, who said:

'The clubs in danger clearly, we don't own the ground, we don't own the land and Hellier's own company has the brand registered, more and more supporters are seeing through Hellier's actions in embarrassing and disgracing our once famous football club.

'Now we are becoming famous for the wrong reasons, clearly Rhys saw what's coming and bailed.' 


With Rosser's departure, Yeovil Town FC faces uncertain times ahead. His resignation marks the end of a significant chapter, but his legacy of passionate involvement and being the man who got the deal over the line will be remembered.

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