Bradfords Building Supplies Backs Yeovil Town FC Despite Chairman's Racist Comments

Bradford Building Supplies has reappeared as the sponsor on Yeovil Town Football Club's official website this morning, despite recent racist comments made by the club's Chairman, Martin Hellier. According to reports from Yeovil Real News, the announcement of the new shirt sponsor was initially withdrawn yesterday after its launch but has now been reinstated.

The reinstatement has sparked widespread discussion and concern about the potential fallout across the UK, given that Bradford Building Supplies serves a diverse customer base comprising individuals from various races and creeds.

Background of the Controversy

The controversy began when allegations surfaced that Martin Hellier had made racist comments, including threats against a Ukrainian refugee, threatning to kill her and branding her a 'Slavic Whore'

The scandal led to immediate backlash from the community and raised questions about the club's associations and its impact on sponsors.

Reappearance of Sponsorship

The sudden reappearance of Bradford Building Supplies as the shirt sponsor has left many fans and industry observers puzzled. While the move may indicate the company's continued support for the club, it has also led to significant criticism and concern about the message this sends to the public.

Potential Fallout

The decision to maintain sponsorship amid such controversy could have several implications:

  1. Reputational Damage: Bradford Building Supplies risks damaging its reputation as a company that supports inclusivity and diversity. Associating with a club embroiled in a racism scandal could alienate customers who expect ethical practices from the brands they support.

  2. Customer Backlash: Customers from diverse backgrounds may choose to boycott Bradford Building Supplies, feeling that the company is not aligned with their values. This could lead to a decline in sales and a loss of customer loyalty.

  3. Industry Impact: Other businesses and sponsors may reconsider their relationships with entities that are perceived to tolerate or overlook racism. This could lead to broader industry repercussions, with companies taking more stringent stances on social issues.

Public Reaction

The reappearance of the sponsorship announcement has elicited strong reactions from the public. One social media user commented, "It's disheartening to see a reputable company like Bradford Building Supplies continue to support a club whose chairman has made such harmful comments. This sends the wrong message about what the company stands for."

Another user expressed concern, stating, "As a long-time customer, I'm reconsidering my relationship with Bradford Building Supplies. Inclusivity and respect are important to me, and this decision seems to contradict those values."

Need for Transparency

In light of the situation, both Yeovil Town FC and Bradford Building Supplies face increasing pressure to address the issue transparently. Clear communication about their positions on racism and how they plan to uphold ethical standards will be crucial in maintaining public trust.


As Yeovil Town FC prepares for the new season, the controversy surrounding its chairman and the implications for its sponsors remain critical issues. The way Bradford Building Supplies and the club handle this situation will significantly influence their reputations and relationships with customers and fans.

For now, the football community and the broader public will be watching closely to see how the parties involved respond to these challenges and uphold the values of diversity and inclusion. 

Whilst anti racism campaigners are unlikely to let the matter drop.

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