Thatchers Cider Puts Football Over Racism

Somerset, UK - The racial controversy surrounding Yeovil Town Chairman Martin Hellier has intensified, as messages revealed on social media show Hellier threatening to kill a Ukrainian refugee and calling her a "Slavic Whore." Amidst the outrage, Somerset cider maker Thatchers appears to prioritise its football sponsorship over addressing the racism scandal.

Thatchers, a key sponsor of Yeovil Town FC with a terrace named the "Thatchers Stand," was contacted by Global247news for a statement regarding their brand's association with racism and their continued connection to the football club. Phillip McTeer Thatchers' Head of National Media, responded: "We are large supporters of Yeovil Town and have nothing more to say."

When pressed further with the question, "So it's fair to say then Thatchers support racism?" Phillip McTeer declined to comment, saying, "No further comment."

The lack of a decisive stance from Thatchers has sparked a backlash from the community, with many expressing disappointment and calling for the brand to take a clear stand against racism. The controversy highlights the difficult balance companies must strike between their sponsorship commitments and upholding social responsibility.

Furthermore when the FA run campaigns such as 'Kick Racism Out Of Football'  campaigners who back the FA are horrified in regards Thatchers Cider comments.

Campaigner Goddard Winslow said: ' When we are all trying to rid the game of racism it's unbelievable that a national brand places racism over football.' 

Global247news requested further comment from the Phillip the head of marketing, in regards how many foreign persons work at the brewers and how many are Ukrainian refugees, although to date, he's ignored two phone calls  and failed to respond to the request.

Although Wendy at Thatchers Cider, earlier in the day had commented when shown the article and the racist comments  Said: ' Oh that's awful, I don't agree with that.'

Martin Thatcher the head of the company has yet to respond himself, despite request.

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