Yeovil FC Fans Embarrassed As Club Owner Exposed

Yeovil FC Fans Embarrassed As Club Owner Exposed

Yeovil Town Chairman Martin Hellier Caught Posing as 'Archie Hood' on X, Harassing Steve Day

Yeovil, June 24, 2024 — In a surprising twist, Yeovil Town Chairman Martin Hellier has been caught posing as 'Archie Hood' on social media platform X, where he has been harassing Steve Day. Hellier's actions included posting images of Day on his balcony in Spain, wearing a joke pair of pants and a Santa hat, given to him as a Christmas present.

Steve Day, who is currently suing Hellier, responded to the online harassment with humor, saying, "Does this make me a model with 3.5k views already?" Despite 'Archie Hood' denying any connection to the football chairman, today's revelations have confirmed otherwise.

A thorough investigation by the global investigation team, utilizing advanced tracking equipment, pinpointed the phone number and location linked to the 'Archie Hood' account. When the number was called, it was Hellier who answered, confirming the ruse.

When it was exposed on X - Hellier posted ' No big deal'

This incident adds another layer to the ongoing legal battle between Day and Hellier, raising questions about the chairman's conduct and the potential impact on Yeovil Town Football Club.

On this occasion Hellier, posing as ' Archie' mocked up a dual image whilst slandering Day as a wrongun and one of the clubs new signings a Wrightun.


 Both the club's supporters and the wider community appear to be getting frustrated with the current owner's behaviour.

A life long supporter of the club, told Global247news: ' Hellier is turning our club into the most embarrassing club in the UK - he acts like a child - this is just another example. Everyone on X can see it's him on several bogus accounts.

' You can see why he's getting sued the way he behaves, the trouble is where will it leave our football club?.

Whilst,"I've supported Yeovil Town through thick and thin, but this is a new low," said Sarah, a season ticket holder. "Our chairman should be setting a positive example, not engaging in childish antics online.

'I dread to think what the likes of Vertu ( sponsors) are thinking right now.

Although this morning - Hellier's next move was to offer Day a boxing match on X although it was quickly deleted as fans of Yeovil Town, said it was pathetic and totally embarrassing and tweeted their views.

"Day tonight said: ' The action speaks for itself really,although in this latest incident, it wasn't me caught with my pants down despite the posting of the 'fun Xmas Day pants photo'!

I can't really comment apart from the lawyers are instructed to sue him, damages for a horrendous list of abuse and financial losses accrued as you have reported before and it's now down to the High Court to resolve. It's as simple as that. 

' As for his charity boxing match offer?, whilst I saw it on social media, with £5000 on up for grabs, for a local charity, why not after we have been to the High Court?  - I did call his 'burner' phone number to accept but when he knew it was me - he put the phone down, shouting ' See you in court', which of course we will.


The actions of Hellier come after he was released from police bail after being given a warning, believed to be an official caution, although official confirmation has yet to be received apart from an email from Hellier himself.  




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