Three Valleys Radio Presenter Pushes Propaganda for Yeovil Town FC Amid Legal Battle, Despite Shady Past

Three Valleys Radio Presenter Pushes Propaganda for Yeovil Town FC Amid Legal Battle, Despite Shady Past

Three Valleys Radio Presenter Pushes Propaganda for Yeovil Town FC Amid Legal Battle, Despite Shady Past

In a shocking turn of events, Simon Thyer, a presenter for Three Valleys Radio and known locally as a prolific shoplifter, has been accused of using his platform to spread propaganda in favor of Yeovil Town Football Club. This comes as Steve Day sues the club's controversial owner, Martin Hellier.

Thyer, infamous in the Yeovil community for his shoplifting spree—claiming he stole to impress friends due to loneliness—was once banned from every supermarket in Britain. Now, he stands accused of using his radio profile to target Day and sway public opinion in favor of Hellier.

The legal battle between Day and Hellier has already thrown Yeovil Town FC into the spotlight, but Thyer's involvement has added a murky layer to the saga. Day, , is suing Hellier, who is currently on bail with Avon & Somerset Police. Hellier's tenure as owner has been marred by controversy, and this lawsuit only heightens the scrutiny.

Simon Thyer's transformation from a disgraced shoplifter to a radio presenter seems to have given him a platform to attempt to rehabilitate his image. However, many in the community are questioning his motives and the integrity of his publications.

Thyer's history, coupled with his recent actions, raises serious concerns about his credibility and the authenticity of the messages he is promoting.

“Simon Thyer's history of theft and deceit makes him an unreliable mouthpiece for any cause, let alone a complex legal battle involving our football club,” said one concerned Yeovil resident.

“His attempts to tarnish Steve Day's reputation through Three Valleys Radio are transparent and despicable.”

Critics argue that Thyer's efforts to paint Day in a negative light are nothing more than a smear campaign orchestrated to divert attention from the real issues at Yeovil Town FC. Many believe that Thyer's tweets and publications are biased and aimed at manipulating public perception to protect Hellier's tarnished image.

“It's appalling that someone with such a dubious past is now trying to influence public opinion on such an important matter,” said another local fan. “We need transparent and honest discussions about our club’s future, not propaganda from someone with a history of dishonesty.”

The controversy surrounding Thyer's involvement has sparked calls for Three Valleys Radio to distance itself from his broadcasts and for a more impartial approach to reporting on the ongoing legal dispute.

Fans and residents alike are demanding accountability and transparency from those who have a voice in the community.

As the lawsuit between Day and Hellier progresses, the focus should remain on the facts and the future of Yeovil Town FC. The involvement of a figure like Simon Thyer, with his checkered past and questionable motives, only serves to muddy the waters and distract from the real issues at hand.


Over the weekend, Thyer continued to 'tag' Day on X - on one occasion claiming a picture of the headstone of Day's dead daughter was photo shopped, implying it was 'fake' 

Another accusation was that Day was also tweeting as someone else, known as Elliot. Day offered to meet Thyer, stand next to him whilst Elliot tweeted - Thyer refused the invitation. 

Now this morning Thyer took to a Yeovil Town Fan page to claim he was being harassed whilst claiming he was receiving death threats, although providing no evidence.  He soon removed the article.

Meanwhile a life long supporter who questioned Thyer on social media was banned by the Club Chairman Martin Hellier, known for banning club supporters for no reason.

It's understood the lifelong fan, challenged Thyer over his vile comments, to which the Chairman he was no longer welcome at Huish Park.

Day over the weekend had revealed the exact actions of Hellier and how the dispute started thats now heading to the High Court and how he has no emotion if the club crashes due to his actions and claims for damages from Hellier. 

Three Valleys Radio, who cite themselves as Yeovil Town's Official radio station were contacted by but failed to answer phone calls and email.

Although we did speak to one of Day's legal representatives - Paul Mohamed.

Mohamed told Global247news:

' Clearly there is a social media campaign taking place in an attempt to smear Steve Day by a minority of Yeovil Town supporters, any false allegations or down right lies, will be dealt with by our legal team.

' Our claim for damages from the actions of Martin Hellier, will not be distracted in these smear campaigns by local Yeovil supporters. They make no difference, Steve Day is focused solely on the opinion of the High Court and winning the substantial damages levied to the evidence. 

' The High Court action is simple, there is no hearsay case, all evidence is bundled, and all documentation fully verifies the actions of Mr Hellier. 

' Although Mr Hellier has denied such actions to the media and the clubs supporters, in time the supporters of the club will see for themselves in due course via the High Court findings. 

' I understand football fans concerns and loyalty, at this time, but slander, harassment and any other on social media will be dealt with in the appropriate manner and I remind you, Anon X accounts can be traced.

Regard banned supporters I would urge you to contact the SFA or Chris Hall at the FA head offices at Wembley Stadium, who is investigating the actions of Mr Hellier. His role as integrity Investigator can assist you, his contact is 

' As for Simon Thyer and Three Valleys Radio, I am not at liberty to comment as we investigate further.' ended Mohamed.




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