Yeovil Town Owner Martin Hellier Starts Banning Fans Arbitrarily

Yeovil Town Owner Martin Hellier Starts Banning Fans Arbitrarily

Yeovil Town Owner Martin Hellier Starts Banning Fans Arbitrarily, Igniting Outrage

Article written and published by Tony Rees, Staff Writer for Global247news and ex-News of the World Sport and Investigative Award-Winning Journalist

Yeovil Town Football Club is once again embroiled in controversy as its owner, Martin Hellier, has sparked outrage among supporters by banning fans without just cause. Reports are flooding in that Hellier has been targeting fans based solely on personal dislikes and differing opinions, a move that many see as a blatant abuse of power.

The latest wave of bans has left the Yeovil Town community in shock and disbelief. Fans have taken to social media and public forums to express their frustration and anger, claiming that Hellier’s actions are undermining the club’s spirit and alienating its loyal fan base.

One of the most vocal critics, lifelong fan John , shared his experience: “I’ve supported Yeovil Town for over 30 years, through thick and thin. To be banned because Hellier doesn’t like my views on how the club is being run is outrageous. This is not how a football club should be managed.”

Another banned fan, who didn't wish to be named, echoed these sentiments: “It feels like we’re living in a dictatorship. If you don’t agree with Hellier, you’re out. It’s as simple as that. This isn’t about the best interests of Yeovil Town; it’s about Hellier’s ego.”

The arbitrary bans have not only enraged individual supporters but have also caught the attention of fan groups and organizations dedicated to preserving the rights of football fans. The Football Supporters’ Association (FSA) are understood to be preparing  a statement condemning Hellier’s actions and calling for an immediate review of the club’s banning policies.

A member of the FSA based in Cardiff stated, “Fans are the lifeblood of any football club. Banning supporters without transparent and justifiable reasons is unacceptable. We urge Yeovil Town to reconsider these bans and engage in constructive dialogue with their fan base.”

Hellier’s controversial actions come at a time when the club is already dealing with significant instability. Legal battles, including a pending High Court case involving Hellier himself, have cast a shadow over Yeovil Town’s future.

The ongoing dispute with banned Steve Day, who is suing Hellier, has only added to the turmoil.

Day, who has also faced backlash and threats from Hellier, commented on the situation: “This is yet another example of Hellier’s erratic behavior.

Banning fans because he doesn’t like them or their views is not just petty; it’s damaging to the club. Yeovil Town deserves better than this.”

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The broader Yeovil Town community is now calling for greater transparency and accountability from Hellier and the club’s management.

Fans are demanding clear explanations for the bans and are urging the club to prioritize the interests of its supporters.

A member  of the Yeovil Town Trust, emphasized to Global247news, the importance of unity: “We cannot stand by and watch as our club is torn apart by personal vendettas. We urge all fans to come together and support a petition.

We need to show that Yeovil Town is about community, not division.”

As the situation unfolds, it remains to be seen how Hellier and the club will respond to the growing backlash. Although fans  feel it will be more bans for speaking out in public.

One thing is clear: the arbitrary banning of fans is a step too far for many in the Yeovil Town community, and the calls for change are growing louder by the day.

The ban threats came after the publication revealing Hellier is set to be sued by the same lawyers who sued ex footballer and former Bristol Manager Joey Barton.

 Hellier took to social media to strike out a long life fan of 50 years, who had replied to one of his social media stooges, Simon Thyer, a retired shop lifter, once banned by every supermarket in the UK 

Thyer, who has previously admitted he gets lonely and craved friends, which forced him to steal, had been claiming about a court listing and spreading it on social media.

Although Steve Day, who is taking Hellier to the High Court, responded and cleared up the apparent court listing in a full interview  

Whilst Hellier, despite being offered the opportunity, declined to comment or face being questioned.

Instead he tweeted in reply to an article by local Yeovil journalists at Yeovil Real News  ' It’s so annoying  you can’t wipe your ass with a virtual newspaper' 

Although fans feel his puerile comment demonstrates his total lack of professionalism whilst at the helm of the once respected football club.

' That sums up our club owner in full, but he's not as clever as he thinks, this is the guy who goes on the news claiming his innocence whilst leaving voice mails proving he was a liar; 

Hellier last season, after making numerous threats of life, backed up with racist comments, despite full evidence, took to ITV Westcountry  to deny all and claim it was AI not himself.

Watch Hellier Interview here. 

The last word from one current banned fan, to Global247news was ' When he lies in court like that the barristers will pull him apart, and sadly we will left with no club.

' Day has already stated he's not bothered if the club folds - and we have an owner going to face barristers in the High Court who lies clearly' 

' The High Court is far different to Yeovil Magistrates I'm sure!; 



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